Organizational Structure and Roles

Prairie Node Organizational Structure and Roles

The Prairie CRISM Node has implemented a flexible organizational structure designed to accommodate our large team’s needs for different levels of affiliation, collaboration, and responsibility, while providing broad reach into the research, service provider, and consumer communities across the region.

Prairie Node Operations

The Prairie CRISM Node is managed by Denise Adams (PhD).  To provide input into CRISM | Prairies or for questions or concerns please contact Denise.  The Prairie Node Knowledge Translation and Engagement Coordinator is Barb Fornssler (PhD).  For information about how CRISM can support your group or activity please contact Barb or Denise.

Node Executive Committee

Cameron Wild U Alberta (Nominated PI)
David Hodgins U Calgary (PI)
Colleen Dell U Saskatchewan (PI)
Ginette Poulin Addictions Foundation Manitoba  (Principal Knowledge User)
Karen Turner Alberta Addicts Who Educate and Advocate Responsibly (AAWEAR) (Principal Consumer Representative)

Regional Coordinating Committee (RCC)

RCC includes the 3 Prairie Node PIs, as well as four Knowledge Users and a Principal Consumer Advocate.  RCC sets strategic direction for the Node with respect to research priorities and opportunities for collaboration across the CRISM network, resource allocation and staffing for the Node, and provides strategic oversight of initiatives to secure complementary funding.  Three experienced administrators with extensive influence in regional treatment systems participate as knowledge users on RCC.

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Current RCC Members

Cameron Wild U Alberta (Nominated PI)
David Hodgins U Calgary (PI)
Colleen Dell U Saskatchewan (PI)
Cora Weber-Pillwax University of Alberta (Knowledge User)
Dori Gaudet Prince Albert Regional Health Authority (Knowledge User)
Cindy Staniforth Alberta Health Services (Knowledge User)
Stacey Petersen Alberta Addiction Service Providers (Principal Consumer Representative)

Regional Advisory Panel (RAP)

This panel is overseen by the NPI (Cam Wild) and includes senior executives occupying key strategic positions within Prairie SM service systems. Functionally, RAP facilitates information exchange between strategic decision-making in each Province and strategic planning for Node activities.

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Current RAP Members

Barry Andres Alberta Health Services (Senior Director, Addiction and Mental Health)
Betty Bastien Nechi Institute
Michelle Craig Alberta Health (Director, Addiction Assurance)
Kay Rittenbach Alberta Health Services (Addiction and Mental Health Strategic Clinical Network)
Nicole Sherren Palix Foundation (Scientific Director and Program Officer)
Michael Trew Alberta Health Services (Chief Mental Health Officer)
Kathy Willerth Saskatchewan Health (Director, Addiction and Mental Health)