Cannabis Legalization in Canada: Implications for Public Health in Alberta

SAVE THE DATE: MAY 5th, 2017

Please join us for a public forum and discussion focused on cannabis legalization and public health policies in Alberta. As Canada moves towards legalization, our event is a unique opportunity to participate in discussions with some of Alberta’s leaders in substance use and public health and to learn from U.S. and Canadian policy experts about the experiences of legalization from other jurisdictions. We will also explore the impact of legalization on the Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes program (ACMPR), and highlight implications for clinicians and healthcare leaders in both ‘recreational’ and ‘medical’ use contexts.

 Videos from the forum are now available online via YouTube channel:

·        We have complied a clip with highlights from the day, which you can view here

·        Unfortunately, we are not able to share keynote speaker Dr. Beau Kilmer’s talk, but some of his relevant writings on the “10 Ps of Cannabis Legalization” are posted on our website here:

Event Flyer

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