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About the Opioid Use Disorder Guidelines:

In BC, the CRISM node has been involved in a provincial effort to develop a clinical guideline for the treatment of opioid addiction. Guideline content and recommendations were initially based on a structured review of the literature, and used a traditional hierarchy to identify relevant research evidence. Working with the BC Ministry of Health and Health Authority partners, a provincial interdisciplinary committee of 28 individuals was assembled to participate in a multi-stage review process. The committee used the Grading of Recommendations Assessment, Development and Evaluation (GRADE) tool to evaluate the literature reviewed and, subsequently, to derive specific recommendations. Consistent with best practice for guideline development, the BCCSU used the AGREE-II instrument throughout the development and revision phases to ensure the guidelines met international standards for transparency, high quality and methodological rigour. After consensus among committee members was reached, the draft guideline was sent for external review to a panel of international experts. A final committee meeting was held in December 2016, where feedback from the external reviewers was reviewed and incorporated into a final document.

A National Opioid Addiction Treatment Guideline:

Principal investigators for the CRISM nodes across Canada led the effort to adapt the BC provincial guideline, to achieve a national scope through a multi-stage review process that engaged four interdisciplinary committees to achieve applicability across Canada including; British Columbia, the Prairies, Ontario, and Quebec-Atlantic provinces. Each committee independently reviewed the guideline, provided feedback, and collectively reached consensus on the content and recommendations. Following an external review, the principal investigators have finalized the guideline for national dissemination. Resources are available below!

The Guideline is available in print form here:

Other KT tools are available here:

The Guideline was presented at the CCSA IOS meeting Nov 13-15, 2017 in Calgary, AB.

Video presentations include:


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