The Prairie CRISM Node is affiliated with a number of research programs and services.

Affiliated service initiatives and research groups share CRISM’s objectives and are welcome to use the Node website to share resources and ¬†promote innovation.

Would your organization like to affiliate with CRISM Prairies? Submit your information here!

Partnerships include:

AAWEAR: Alberta Alliance Who Educate and Advocate Responsibly

ABL: Addictive Behaviours Laboratory, University of Calgary

ACCH: Alberta Community Council on HIV/AIDS

AGRI: Alberta Gambling Research Institute

AHSRPP: Alberta Health Services Research Partnership Program

AMHRL: Addiction and Mental Health Research Lab, University of Alberta

AMSISE: Access to Medically Supervised Injection Sites Edmonton

ARCH: Addiction Recovery and Community Health Clinic, Edmonton

Bissel Centre: Edmonton

CHARPP: Canadian Harm Reduction Policy Project, University of Alberta

CoMRAD: College of Medicine, University of Saskatchewan, Consolidating Perspectives Study

CAPSA: Community Addictions Peer Support Association

CRISM: British Columbia Node

CRISM: Quebec/Atlantic Node

CRISM: Ontario Node

CSTADS: Canadian Student Tobacco, Alcohol, and Drugs Survey

FAMH: Foundation for Addiction and Mental Health

Hard Knox Talks

ICHWP: Inner City Health and Wellness Program, Edmonton

ISMP Canada: Institute for Safe Medication Practices Canada

MSTH: Moms Stop The Harm

MHRN: Manitoba Harm Reduction Network

OHW: One Health & Wellness Research Chair, Saskatoon


TPF: Thunderbird Partnership Foundation

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