The Prairie CRISM Node is affiliated with a number of research programs and services.

Affiliated service initiatives and research groups share CRISM’s objectives and are welcome to use the Node website to share resources and  promote innovation.

Would your organization like to affiliate with CRISM Prairies? Submit your information here!

Partnerships include:

AAWEAR: Alberta Addicts Who Educate and Advocate Responsibly

ABL: Addictive Behaviours Laboratory, University of Calgary

ACCH: Alberta Community Council on HIV/AIDS

AGRI: Alberta Gambling Research Institute

AHSRPP: Alberta Health Services Research Partnership Program

AMHRL: Addiction and Mental Health Research Lab, University of Alberta

AMSISE: Access to Medically Supervised Injection Sites Edmonton

ARCH: Addiction Recovery and Community Health Clinic, Edmonton

Bissel Centre: Edmonton

Câhcacêp Art and Teahouse

CHARPP: Canadian Harm Reduction Policy Project, University of Alberta

CoMRAD: College of Medicine, University of Saskatchewan, Consolidating Perspectives Study

CRISM British Columbia Node

CRISM Quebec/Atlantic Node

CRISM Ontario Node

CSTADS: Canadian Student Tobacco, Alcohol, and Drugs Survey

FAMH: Foundation for Addiction and Mental Health

ICHWP: Inner City Health and Wellness Program, Edmonton

ISMP Canada: Institute for Safe Medication Practices Canada

MSTH: Moms Stop The Harm

MHRN: Manitoba Harm Reduction Network

OHW: One Health & Wellness Research Chair, Saskatoon


TPF: Thunderbird Partnership Foundation