Ginette Poulin, MD

Primary Affiliation

Medical Director, Addictions Foundation of Manitoba

Ginette Poulin will provide Node leadership in the forthcoming CRISM Methamphetamine Trial. She is Medical Director at the Addictions Foundation of Manitoba, and was clinical lead for the Node in the development of CRISM’s National Guidelines for best practices in the clinical management of opioid use disorder. Poulin is a Family Physician with specialization in Addictions Medicine, and is the current Node knowledge user representative on the CRISM NEC. Experienced in both rural and urban health care, she delivers health services through emergency, hospital, clinic, and inner city house calls. She serves vulnerable populations including those that reside in the inner city of Winnipeg and marginalized populations provincial-wide along with those suffering from mental health and addictions issues. She is co-chair of the Manitoba Provincial Opiate Replacement Committee, and the Manitoba Monitoring Drug Review Committee, among other roles.

Contact Information

Addictions Foundation of Manitoba

1031 Portage Ave

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, R3G 0R8

Ph. 204-944-6322



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