Sheri Fandrey, PhD

Sheri Fandrey

Primary Affiliation

Knowledge Exchange Lead, Addictions Foundation of Manitoba

Dr. Sheri Fandrey is currently the Lead of the Manitoba Addictions Knowledge Exchange Centre at the Addictions Foundation of Manitoba.  She joined the Addictions Foundation of Manitoba as a Prevention and Education Consultant in 2003, following 5 years teaching at the University of Manitoba’s College of Pharmacy. Sheri currently has an appointment as Clinical Assistant Professor in the College of Pharmacy. Dr. Sheri Fandrey received her bachelor’s degree in Pharmacy and her Ph.D. (Toxicology) from the University of Saskatchewan.  Sheri has also taught at the College of Pharmacy & Nutrition (University of Saskatchewan) and the School of Pharmacy (Texas Tech University). Dr. Fandrey continues to provide professional education about addictions and prescription drug abuse to social workers, pharmacists, physicians and nurses in Manitoba.  She is currently on the Executive Committee of the Prairie Node of the Canadian Research Initiative in Substance Misuse.  Sheri is a member of the Advisory Council for the organization Drug Free Kids Canada.

Contact Information

Addictions Foundation of Manitoba

1031 Portage Ave

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, R3G 0R8

Ph. 204-944-6322



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