Barb Fornssler, PhD


Primary Affiliation

KTE Coordinator, Dept. of Sociology & School of Public Health, University of Saskatchewan

Barbara Fornssler PhD is a Research Manager and Sessional Lecturer in the Department of Sociology and School of Public Health at the University of Saskatchewan. Barbara has worked in the office of the provincial Research Chair in Substance Abuse since 2011. Barbara has a background in Women’s and Gender Studies and completed her doctoral work in the field of Media and Communications Philosophy at the European Graduate School in 2012. She holds a minor in dramatic arts and is also one half of the experimental research-creation entity Department of Biological Flow based in Toronto. Barbara’s research interests focus on intercultural communications, problematic substance use, participatory research-creation methods, gender, embodiment, and philosophies of technology.

Contact Information

University of Saskatchewan

Research Manager & Sessional Instructor

Dept. of Sociology & School of Public Health

1024 – 9 Campus Drive Saskatoon SK S7N 5A5

Ph: 306-966-7894