Cannabis Use

Cannabis use is common in Canada. Almost half (44.5%) of Canadians 15 years and older reported Cannabis use in their lifetime and 12.3% reported cannabis use in the past year . Lifetime and past year use has slightly increased overall in Canada since 2013. Across the Prairie Provinces, lifetime use has slightly decreased in Alberta and Saskatchewan to 43.6% and 40.1% respectively, and slightly increased in Manitoba to 40.1% (CTADS 2013, 2016).

Cannabis Information Sites

Canada – Government of Canada

  • Site includes information on:
    • Health Effects of Cannabis
    • What the federal government is doing to legalize and regulate cannabis
    • How to access medical cannabis
    • How to talk to teens about cannabis
    • And more

Alberta – Alberta Liquor and Gaming Commission

Saskatchewan – Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority

Manitoba –Liquor and Gaming Authority of Manitoba

  • Site includes information on: 
    • Cannabis overview
    • Cannabis research in Manitoba
    • And more
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