This conversation space is intended as a place where CRISM Prairie Node members can pose questions to and hold conversations with other members.

The conversation space link will take members to a Basecamp forum where we have set up numerous conversation threads but members are welcome to start new threads as appropriate.

In order to access the space you must be invited by CRISM to participate. All existing members have received this invitation and can access the conversation space using this link

If you are not already a member, you may sign up by accessing our membership survey.

Interested researchers, service providers, and decision-makers in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and the North West Territories are invited to become members of the CRISM Prairie Node. Members will have access to CRISM resources and support, and we anticipate that Members will become more or less active in the Node depending on opportunities and interests. If you would like to become affiliated with the CRISM Prairie Node, please access the online survey link below. It takes no more than 10 minutes to complete the questions.  The survey asks about you and your interests, and by completing it, you will help us tailor regional Node activities to your interests. The information we collect will be used for planning purposes, will stored securely in a password-protected network, and will be used to develop a Node member database. Sign up now!

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