Shohan Illsley

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Primary Affiliation

Manitoba Harm Reduction Network (MHRN)

Shohan Illsley is the Executive Director of the Manitoba Harm Reduction Network (MHRN) and is the current Node advocacy/PWLLE representative on the CRISM NEC. She has worked in harm reduction since 2000 and has received various CIHR grants. She holds a Masters degree from the University of Manitoba. The MHRN works toward equitable access, systemic change, and reducing the transmission of STBBI through advocacy, policy work, education, research and relationships. MHRN focuses on harm reduction, access, community building, and the inclusion of people impacted by substance use in the services and decisions that affect them.

Contact Information

Manitoba Harm Reduction Network (MHRN)

Winnipeg, Manitoba

Ph. (204) 783-6184


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