Elaine Hyshka


Elaine Hyshka is an Assistant Professor in the University of Alberta’s School of Public Health and Scientific Director of the Royal Alexandra Hospital’s Inner City Health and Wellness Program. Dr. Hyshka is an applied health services and policy researcher, focused on generating knowledge to support implementation of a public health approach to substance misuse. Her research is conducted in partnership with a variety of health service providers, advocacy organizations, and decision-makers at the local, provincial, and national level. A major focus of Dr. Hyshka’s research program is conducting research that contributes to new standards of care for people who misuse drugs and alcohol, which are patient-centered, effective and ethical.


Node Funded Project (April 2016)

Title: Implementing harm reduction services in acute care: patient and health care provider experiences

Principal Investigator: Elaine Hyshka, University of Alberta


Dr. Ginetta Salvaggio, Dr. Katherine Dong (University of Alberta), Dr. Lara Nixon, (University of Calgary)


Dr. Hyshka is recipient of a CRISM seed grant entitled ‘Implementing harm reduction services in acute care: patient and health care provider experiences’. The purpose of the project is to describe one of Canada’s first beside needle and syringe programs for acute care inpatients who inject drugs, and generate evidence to enhance this program’s delivery.





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