Geoffrey Maina


Dr. Geoffrey Maina is an Assistant Professor at the University of Saskatchewan, College of Nursing. He is engaged in community-based research on substance use and addiction in Prince Albert. He is also developing research on improving clinical outcomes for clients on opiate replacement therapy. He is based in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan.

Node Funded Project (April 2017)

Title: Stakeholder consultation/knowledge forum for substance abuse and addiction in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan

Principal Investigator: Geoffrey Maina, University of Saskatchewan


Dr. Brenda Mishak, Uof Sask; Gillian Strudwick, CAMH; Dr. Anthony de Padua, Uof Sask


To engage in community stakeholder engagement and a knowledge exchange event on substance use and addiction in Prince Albert. This event brought together diverse stakeholders in Prince Albert for a one-day event to talk about pressing and priority addiction issues facing the city of Prince Albert. This event culminated in the development of a Saskatchewan Health Research Foundation’s SPROUT grant application.


Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, is experiencing a substance use and addiction crisis with devastating consequences. To engage local stakeholders on substance use and addiction issues, nurse researchers at the University of Saskatchewan, Prince Albert Campus, planned and organized a one-day community engagement and knowledge exchange forum. The forum provided the opportunity for interested community groups, members and individuals to share their experiences and to explore novel ways to prevent and respond to the substance abuse and addiction challenges in the region. Participants included community leaders, people and families living with addiction, service providers, local stakeholders, health professionals, researchers and Indigenous Elders. This paper describes the process and outcomes of this event and describes the role of nurse scholars in leading these efforts.

This project was presented at the CRISM Prairie Node 2nd Annual Gathering Nov 15-16, 2017 in Calgary, AB.

CRISM poster Maina Nov 2017


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