Node Research Development Grant

The maximum amount awarded will  be reduced to $10, 000 from $15, 000. This reallocation will allow for more projects to receive support and reflects the average amount requested during our first phase. Additionally, while applications can still be submitted for review at anytime, these will be reviewed three times per year to better facilitate timely funds transfer and allow for more accurate grant holder expense planning.

Applications will be reviewed  October 15February 15, and June 15 with outcome announcements sent to applicants within two weeks following the review.  Successful applicants will then receive the funds transfer within approximately two months of the decision notification. (I.e: If your application is reviewed October 15 and successful, you will receive the funds by December 15). Please have your application submitted to Denise Adams no later than two weeks before the review date. (I.e: To have your application reviewed October 15, please submit materials no later than October 1).

The Research Development Grant program will reopen for applications on September 1 2022.

Research Development Grant Application

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