Matthew Ingrouille


Matt is a 12 year veteran of the Saskatoon Police Service. His work experience has ranged from extensive undercover operations to patrolling Saskatoon’s core neighbourhoods. He has developed a deep passion to understand the root causes of addiction and overall impact of the drug trade.

Node Funded Project (Dec 2017)

Title: SayKnow Podcasts

Principal Investigator: Matthew Ingrouille, Saskatoon

Co-investigator: Tina Thebeau, Saskatoon

Project Description began as an initiative to provide youth, community members and professionals with a knowledge base of addiction that incorporates modern day research along with knowledge that can only be gained through lived experience. The program began as one simple presentation entitled “What can a Cop, Drug Dealer and Colombian teach you about drugs?” It has since developed into a variety of presentations, custom tailored to the audience requesting the information. The Say Know program has presented to a wide range of community groups and professionals. The groups have included parents, students at the highschool and university levels, professional medical/pharmacy associations, members of the law enforcement community, high school and university educators, and indigenous community groups. As our program is made up of volunteers and we are inundated with more requests for information than we are able to keep up with, we are often forced to “say no”, which is counterproductive with our own goals and objectives.  The CRISM funding will be used to develop a Podcast that will work as an effective way to share our message with the broader, Canadian public.

The Podcasts are called: “Say Know”. As the goal is to connect with the greater Canadian public, the podcast will use humour, storytelling, and interviews to produce content that is both relevant to our objective as well as entertaining. The Say Know Podcast works to bridge the gap between academic research and knowledge earned from the street; in the areas of drugs and addiction. We interview policymakers, researchers and people with lived experience. Our host, Matt Ingrouille, has been a cop for the last 12 years and uses his knowledge and experience to pull interesting, hilarious and often heart wrenching stories from our guests.  The Say Know Podcast will give you insight on what is happening on the streets and what we can do as a community to make things better!

 Access the Podcasts Here!
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