Ariel Ducey


Ariel Ducey is an associate professor in the department of Sociology at the University of Calgary.

Node Funded Project (April 2018)

Title: Naloxone Take-Home Kit Program Evaluation

Principal Investigator: Ariel Ducey (University of Calgary)


Kay Rittenbach (University of Calgary), Carla McLean (AHS), Jessica Van Dyke (University of Calgary)


Alberta Health Services’ (AHS) mission is to provide a patient-focused, quality health system that is accessible and sustainable for all Albertans. Alberta is taking steps to make the lifesaving opioid overdose reversal drug, naloxone, available to opioid users across the province. We have committed to provide funding support to a graduate student to participate and develop research skills applied to the priority area of Naloxone Take Home Kit Program evaluation. This capacity building initiative will support a trainee towards the generation of evidence to drive decision-making, ongoing health care system improvement, health policy improvement, and sustainability. The results of the proposed project will also improve the quality of care delivery within the Health Quality Council of Alberta’s six domains of quality: appropriateness, accessibility, effectiveness, efficiency, safety, and acceptability.


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