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  • Williams-Roberts, H., Arnold, C., Kemp, D., Crizzle, A.M., Johnson, S. (in press). Scoping review of clinical practice guidelines for fall risk screening and assessment in older adults across the care continuum. Canadian Journal on Aging.






  • Crizzle, A.M, Classen, S, LaFranca, C., Silver, W., Eisenschenk, S. (2015). The effect of anti-epileptic drug levels on the driving performance of people with epilepsy. The Open Journal of Occupational Therapy. 3(4), article 3.
  • Crizzle, A.M., Myers, A.M., Roy, E., Almeida, Q.J. (2015). Associations between falls, balance confidence, driving speed, braking and other driving practices in Parkinson’s diseasePhysical and Occupational Therapy in Geriatrics. 33(1), 72-86.
  • Vrkljan, B. H., Myers, A.M., Blanchard, R.A., Crizzle, A.M., Marshall, S. (2015). Practices used in Canadian driving assessment centres for determining medical fitness-to-drive: A case scenario approach. Physical and Occupational Therapy in Geriatrics. 33(2), 163-174.


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