Abukari Kwame


Dr. Abukari Kwame is a postdoctoral researcher in the College of Nursing, University of Saskatchewan.  Dr. Kwame is developing a research program on healthcare communication with clients admitted with concurrent disorders in acute and long-term care facilities and is currently undertaking a project on the communication needs of care providers supporting older adults with experiences of substance addiction in long-term care homes.

Node Funded Project (Nov 2023)

Title: Community engagement process to document home-based harm reduction practices through scoping review and gathering of stories

Principal Investigator: Abukari Kwame


Dr. Geoffrey Maina, Ms. Leegay Jagoe, Carla Fraser (Saskatchewan)


Alcohol misuse significantly contributes to the substance addiction crisis in Canada, a country with one of the highest rates of alcohol consumption in North America. Evidence shows that in 2019, 23.7 million Canadians 15 years and older reported consuming an alcoholic beverage the previous year, 78% of whom were males between 20 and 25 years old. Also, among this age population, 18% of them consume alcohol beyond the threshold for chronic effects, while 13% exceed the level for acute effects. This project aims to engage affected community using the findings of a scoping review on home-based harm reduction interventions and the stories of affected family’s member’s experiencing co-parenting with a partner that has an alcohol use disorder.

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