Amy Wiebe


Ms. Amy Wiebe, BSP, MBA, ACPR is an Information Support Pharmacist for RxFiles Academic Detailing in the College of Pharmacy and Nutrition at the University of Saskatchewan.

Node Funded Project (Feb 2024)

Title: The Role of Pharmacists in Addiction Medicine in Canada’s Publicly Funded Healthcare Systems

Principal Investigator: Amy Wiebe (University of Saskatchewan)


Katelyn Halpape (University of Saskatchewan)


The harms of substance use are commonly managed in acute care, with more than 500 Canadians, on average, being hospitalized each day because of alcohol and drugs. This surpasses the amount of those hospitalized for heart attacks and strokes combined. In response, it is becoming more and more common for acute care teams to be established to help support the management and care of people in hospital who use substances. The composition of these teams is highly variable and while they are generally physician-led, they may also be supported by a pharmacist, nurse, social worker, and/or peer support. Given the high volumes, the patient need often exceeds that which these teams can manage, as funding and specialized provider availability are often limited. For example, there is currently no addiction pharmacist working with the Saskatchewan Health Authority.

To our knowledge no one in Canada has looked at the role pharmacists are playing in the management of care for people who use substances that are accessing publicly funded service. Thus our study will answer the question, “What roles are pharmacists who work in the area of substance use disorder management holding in Canada’s publicly funded healthcare systems?”
1. Identify instances in which English-speaking pharmacists in Canada are working in acute care, ambulatory care, emergency departments, or other publicly funded settings, with a specialized
focus on supporting people who use substances.
2. Summarize the types of activities that pharmacists are involved in, along with facilitators and barriers of the services provided.
3. Examine the value that the pharmacist’s unique training and skill set adds to interdisciplinary teams.

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