Ashley Ethier


Ashley Ethier, MA is a third-year clinical psychology doctoral student. Her research interests include correlates of
concurrent disorders, etiology mechanisms, and as well as strength- and evidence-based approaches for understanding
substance use. Ashley has extensive experience as an addiction support worker.

Node Funded Project (Feb 2024)

Title: Recovery Capital tool validation

Principal Investigator: Ashley Ethier (University of Calgary)


David Hodgins, Jonathan Stea (University of Calgary)


The proposed study aims to answer the outstanding questions regarding RC’s construct validity, measurement invariance, and predictive validity through three sub-studies. Study one will determine RC’s configuration and valence by comparing the two most contested RC models: White and Cloud (2008; 15) model and Cloud and Granfield (2008; 12). The former is a five-domain model revered for inclusion of factors impeding recovery, negative RC, alongside strengths within the physical, human, social and cultural RC domains. Comparatively, the latter is a three-domain RC model, integrating features of prior models in a reorganized, modified manner; combining physical and human capital (personal RC), redefining social capital (family/ social RC), and including a new domain (community RC). Study two will assess measurement invariance across gender, race/ethnicity, and recovery pathways. Study three will evaluate whether RC predicts recovery outcomes three months later.

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