Graham Gaine


Dr. Gaine is an Adjunct Clinical Professor, Department of Psychiatry, University of Alberta and a psychologist for AHS Clinical Psychology Services.

Node Funded Project (February 2023)

Title: Initial Validation of a Patient-Reported Outcome Measure for Substance Addictions: The Psychometric Properties of the Monitor for Substance Addictions (MSA)

Principal Investigator: Graham Gaine, University of Alberta


David Hodgins, Cam Wild, Kewir Dufe, Mohit Singh, Adam Abba-Aji University of Alberta


The current project proposes the development of an addiction progress measure that would enhance the uptake and utility of MBC for the full range of substance addiction treatment settings (i.e., community, detox, hospital, and residential). We identified the Screen for Substance and Behavioural Addictions (SSBA; Schulter et al., 2018), developed by CRISM Prairie Node investigators, as a promising tool for adaptation given its brevity, trans-addiction model, and development with input from persons with lived experience. Together with Drs. David Hodgins and Cam Wild, we adapted the SSBA for weekly monitoring of addiction, forming the Monitor for Substance Addictions (MSA). With the funding of the CRISM Prairie Node Support grant, we propose an initial validation study examining the psychometric properties the MSA in adult clinical and general population samples. The study findings will provide the required norms (i.e., clinical significance and reliable change) to enable use of the MSA for MBC. A manuscript of the study will be submitted for open-access publication in an addiction-focused peer-reviewed journal to encourage knowledge translation. The current project will set the stage for research and clinical advancements through ongoing collaborations between Alberta Health Services (AHS) and the CRISM Prairie Node.

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